West Bend 6113 Review

Do you remember the last time you went to a Panera or similar sandwich shop? How much did you pay for your meal? Probably around $6 – $10 is my guess, depending on what sandwich you ordered.

Now, let me ask you this: What if you could create equally delicious GOURMET sandwiches / paninis from the comfort of your own home for less than the cost of your next 5 visits to Panera?

I’d like to introduce you to the most competitively priced panini press on the market today – The West Bend 6113.

Here are some of the features that make it an absolutely irresistible deal:


  • Priced at $29.99, you will not find a panini press of this quality for less than that anywhere you look, this grill is EXTREMELY affordable
  • Versatile countertop design lets you open the press a full 180 degrees, in effect transforming your sandwich press into a full sized griddle
  • Ribbed grill plates are perfect for getting those tasty looking ‘Grill lines’ on whatever you’re cooking, but especially paninis
  • Grill plates are detachable and dishwasher safe, means that cleaning this grill literally could not be any easier
  • Sloped grill plates allow grease to drain away from food and into a drip tray
  • Indicator lights take all the guess work out of when your sandwich is ready to eat
  • The classic floating hinge means that you can stuff 2 to 4 inches of jam-packed sandwich into this grill and still get an evenly well cooked and toasty meal
  • Compact design fits into any kitchen, and it’s easy to store, too


  • Some report that this panini press begins to lose some of its heating power after the 6 month mark

Affordability is not usually a characteristic common among most panini grills, as on average you’re going to have to pay over $50 for a decent sandwich cooker. However, the West Bend 6113 countertop grill is one of those exceptions where you really and truly get MORE than what you pay for.

Priced at ~$30, this nifty little kitchen appliance is more than capable of handling any sandwich you throw at it…It has the floating hinge and ribbed grill plates to make it easier to grip and evenly cook any type of sandwich you wish to make.

Not only is this panini press more affordable than most competing grills, it actually has several features that many more expensive grills don’t have.

Perhaps the coolest of these features is its ability to open up a complete 180 degrees, allowing you to turn your panini press into a large open face grill/griddle anytime you want.

Of course, I’d also argue that having both detachable AND dishwasher safe grill plates is another really handy feature, and one that, surprisingly, you don’t see very often, even in more expensive panini presses.

Without a doubt the West Bend 6113 panini grill is going to be a perfect fit for anyone looking to make truly gourmet sandwiches without dropping over $50 on a sandwich press. Whether you’re a student, or simply on a budget, I urge you to take a look and see if you think this grill would be a good fit for you!

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker Review

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker YM80, according to surveys, is among commercial yogurt makers that have earned themselves a loyal fan base.

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker YM80 is an asset to a kitchen, and look the part to – homely and friendly with its rotund structure. Seven glass jars with screw tops are nestled inside the maker. A manual time keeper allows you to set a reminder for yourself about the completion of the fermentation of the yogurt – a boon as one often tends to lose track of time in these pre-occupied times.

This yogurt maker comes with a power light indicator and a sliding hour reminder. Though it lacks a thermometer – the only flaw pointed out by yogurt makers reviews on this model, its other features seem to make up for this shortcoming. The fact that Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker YM80comprises glass jars instead of plastic jars like most other products do is also a feature working in its favour. A definite benefit as plastic has been scientifically proven to be hazardous to health, and glass jars fare better with a dishwasher.

The procedure for making yogurt with yogurt makers is essentially the same. Only, the best yogurt makers in the market simplify the process and reduce the effort and time that goes into making probiotic yogurt that enhances health. User friendly, this yogurt machine comes with a detailed instructions manual for operating the appliance safely and effectively, and a recipe book to help the consumer make tasty yogurt in various flavors.

Another great feature of this yogurt machine is that it has a second-tier add-on, allowing you to make 2 batches at one go, with the use of this second tier extension and another set of jars. Below is a picture of it in 2-tier form. Think of the possibilities. Plain yogurt for delectable recipes for the bottom tier, sweet fruit or vanilla yogurt on the top for smoothies. Yum!

The procedure of making yogurt with this appliance is as follows. Boil milk (full cream or skimmed, as preferred by the consumer) and then allow it to cool to room temperature. Add the starter to the cooled milk and thoroughly mix the two. Pour the mixture into the glass jars and close the lid of the appliance. Set the time reminder, and when it chimes, unplug the device. Cap the glass jars and place them in the refrigerator. The entire process can take up to 15 hours. One may choose to lace it with sweeteners or garnish before serving the nutritious homemade yogurt at the dinner table.

A commercial yogurt maker, Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker YM80 can make up to 42 ounces of yogurt in less than 12 hours. Its dimensions standing at 9 * 9 * 6 inches, and weighing a mere 5 pounds, this portable beauty is a winner. If you want to compare the specs for the various yogurt makers , then you should check out yippieyogurt to find the machine that best suit your needs.

Rice Cooker Recipe: Southwestern Chicken and Rice

Rice Cookers are growing in popularity. People are realizing that they do make wonderful, perfectly cooked rice, but they are good for so much more! If you follow my articles, you probably know that I love cooking in my Rice Cooker. I use one of my three rice cookers at most meals which I got from RCW.
People are eating out less in the current economic downturn, and they are running through drive-thru windows less, too. In reality, this is probably a good thing. We are eating healthier, for the most part, but we also want things fast and easy. The rice cooker meets the bill perfectly.

Rice cookers come in different sizes, but most of them are one of two basic sizes. I have a small one and a large one, and I have one that is a combination rice cooker/ deep fat fryer/ bean pot. This particular meal I made in the larger size one. The small one is great, but if you are adding lots of other veggies and stuff, sometimes it is too small. I will give you directions for either rice cooker, but with the number of added ingredients, the little one will be tight.


Cheap rice: I use medium grain Kroger brand rice, which is very economical.
You need 1 cup for the small rice cooker and 2 cups for the larger one.

Water: Always twice the amount of rice: Two cups for the smaller 1 and 4 cups for the larger one.

Goya Cubitos en Polvo: This is actually little pouches of powdered bouillon. Each one makes 2 cups of broth, so you could use another that equals the same amount; I found mine on the Mexican Food aisle. Knorr makes a similar one in soft cubes. I have found that these Mexican chicken bouillon products are better for rice for some reason. I actually read about using these for rice in a Mexican women’s magazine that I subscribe to improve my Spanish. You need one package for the small rice cooker and two for the larger one.

Frozen chicken Breast tenderloins: As many as your little steamer tray will hold. I used around 5. Tenderloins will cook faster in the rice cooker than the whole frozen breast.

Oil: Any kind you like, enough to cover bottom of the pan.

One can black beans, drained, Smaller rice cooker will use partial amount.,
One can of sweet corn, drained, Smaller rice cooker will use partial amount.
One can of diced tomatoes, seasoned if desired, or you can use a jar of salsa, smaller rice cooker will use smaller amount.
Chopped fresh vegetables (I used onion, pepper, and celery.) 1/2 cup
Minced dried onions: a few Tablespoons.
Chili Powder
I melted some cubes of Velveeta over mine, but you do not have to put cheese on it if you do not want to.


Place a few Tablespoons of oil in the pan, and oil the little steamer tray you will have your meat on.

Add water and bouillon and stir.
Add rice.
Place steamer tray on top and add chicken. Add minced onions and fresh vegetables and close lid. Turn on cook, and allow rice and chicken to cook. If you use tenderloins, the chicken will probably be done when the rice is done. Remove the pan, and cut up the chicken. Add the chicken and everything else to the pan with the rice. Stir. Sprinkle with chili powder. If desired, you can top with cheese. Push the cook button again.

You can eat it in a soft taco shell like we do, topped with sour cream, or you can just eat it as is.

5 Options for Buying Eyewear Online

Eyewear is one of the most convenient products you can shop online for at home. All you need is a current prescription from an eye-doctor and access to the internet and you are ready to go. Shopping for prescription eyewear, whether for a back-up pair, sunglasses, or a replacement for your current glasses, will save you lots of money. You also have the convenience of shopping at home and often you can get the eyewear faster than if you bought it at a store. Here are five options for buying eyewear online:
1. At Framedirect.com, you can look at your current pair of glasses to determine what frame size you need to narrow down styles that will fit your face. They give you the option of faxing, emailing or having Framesdirect.com contact your doctor directly in order to get your prescription. You can also upload a picture of yourself and use it to virtually try on various frames.

2. Touted at the #1 Online Eyeglasses Shop, Eyebuydirect.com this site allows you to focus on fashion in eyewear at an affordable price. This site gives detailed information on how to find the frame that will best fit your face, reflect your best features and suits your face.

3. If you want designer eyewear choices, go look at Giarre.com to find a multitude of brands. This site also provides the best types of lenses including Essilor, Hoya and Zeiss. There is even a catalog of frames ready to be sent 24-36 hours from ordering.

4. Swimtarte.com gives you the choice of ordering prescription swimming eyewear online. You can even get prescription swimming goggles through this company. Another convenience is that Swimtarte.com allows you to purchase through Amazon.

5. Offering 70% off their already low prices, 39dollarsglasses.com gives free shipping on all purchases over $99 dollars. They have a great warranty against defects and if you need your glasses quick, a next day delivery is offered. They also give information on how to measure your Pupillary Distance (PD) if it isn’t already on your prescription.

In my own personal experience, after breaking my prescription eyeglasses and not having an eyewear store nearby, I opted to buy my glasses online. I was able to get a new pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses for under $100-the same purchase at a store would have been over $400 dollars. I got my replacement quickly through the mail from 39dollarsglasses.com. The deciding factor for me was my missing PD information, but in researching the options I discovered there are many choices for buying eyewear depending on what sort of service, features and products they had offered.

Hackers In The Crazy World

Never make it simple for a hacker. Hackers do their task since they would either wish to make a living during the illegal means or they’d just like to have fun. A hacker is a person having a variety of expertise in various computer subjects and terminologies. For example, he could set up the system outside a famous person’s house. It has to be pointed out that this isn’t going to work against an actual hacker or somebody who has a strong understanding of computers.

Hacking is an intriguing method to discover the plethora of latent characteristics of the terrific world of computers. Not only can such a hacking jeopardize your site, but it could also jeopardize the private information your visitors enter on the site. Computer hacking may lead to robbery of critical small business info.

Hacking is actually a computer crime. Well, hacking has already come to be a standard thing in any web business. Generally, ethical hacking will help to stop identity theft and other serious crimes. People exercising dishonest hacking, generally tend to rob private info, change a corporation’s fiscal data, break security codes to accomplish unauthorized system access, or carry out additional harmful pursuits.

Hackers aren’t all very same. These hackers utilize technology for vandalism, charge card fraud, or identity theft. The hacker is prompted to go into the telephone number he would like to call, and the telephone number he wishes to masquerade as calling from. Hackers utilize various programs to scan different people computers to find the computer number. Distinct hackers focus on various technologies and have various purposes and skill levels.

Hacker” is among those terms which has a different meaning based on who uses it. Another hacker has produced a mod that enables the iPhone 4S to remotely begin a car or stop a car by simply asking. The term Hacker isn’t strictly computer-related.

Pursue these easy advice, and you will strongly minimize the potential of obtaining a hacking victim. In this piece, you are going to learn about the value of website hacking prevention measures. It is likewise required to get understanding of the operating system and the assorted important files that are used by it. Those who use such a hacking often make an effort to discover details about a certain website that is listed on Google by looking for information that is usually regarded as unauthorized. It’s the simplest kind of hacking as it requires very little skill.

All computers on the planet when connected together earn a network, which is called Internet. Subsequently, you must make certain that the computer is guarded by means of a password that has alphanumeric characters. Computers connected with each other in a home or company produces a neighborhood area network. With an ordinary laptop, everyone can download simple software off the web to see everything which goes into and from a computer on an identical network. Thus the security software must be really strong and good at preventing and thwarting hacking attempts. Modern-day car computers are extremely complex indeed. Anti-virus software can be extremely useful to attain maximum security.